How to properly attract women

What makes a man attractive in the eyes of a woman? It’s a question that has plagued men of all sorts perhaps since the beginning of time. Maybe you think that using cheesy pickup lines you randomly found on the internet will work. Perhaps you’re that type of guy who can’t seem to get a lady to pay attention despite your wit, charm, and some good cologne. Or maybe you can’t just wait to meet that one and you’re losing sleep about it. Whatever the case is, here’s some ways on how to properly attract women, like Myrtle beach escorts.

Treat Her as a Person, Not a Service

She is not a tour guide. She is not an escort, nor is she a waitress. What I am trying to say is that when it comes to dating, a woman is not someone who only serves to be there to help you. Dating is a mutual exchange between two people; she’s looking for something in you the same way that you do for her. Make the effort to present yourself as a man who is willing to be accommodating for her. Spend the first few times getting to know her as her own individual and perhaps she’ll see you in the same light.

Young sexy woman touching her lips.

Have a Great Personality

Being attractive isn’t all about the physical aspect. You can have a handsome face, chiseled abs, or a great haircut, but all of that doesn’t matter to a woman if you possess a rancid and unlikable personality. Being seen as likable can easily have an effect on every other characteristic about who you are. Show that you deeply care for her, or that you can make her laugh and have fun around you, or    that you actively listen when she talks and can hold a conversation effectively with her. Be that ideal man that she can find as “worth her time”. Don’t treat her like an escort that you can treat like trash since you pay them.

Have Confidence

There are times where it can be intimidating to approach women. Dating is no easy task; the fear of getting rejected can keep a man up at night with a cold sweat. But here’s the thing: there’s nothing a woman finds more attractive than a person who has the confidence to stand up for who they are and isn’t trying to be someone they’re not. Because a confident man has this obvious air of capability about him. By holding conversations with women, it can help you open yourself towards them. 

In Conclusion

“There’s tons of fish in the ocean,” people say, and people have fish they would like to reel in. Women have standards; they are the type to take all the time in the world just to find that special someone who is worth having an amazing time with, and is attractive to boot. It can sometimes feel like you’re not desirable to women and are being ignored, but maybe that’s because you’re lacking something. Perhaps the ways I have listed here can help with that. Maybe then, someone will see and find you as the definition of attractive.